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We manufacture from the base, taking care of every detail
„Satisfied customers do the best advertisement“ (Philip Kotler)
We manufacture from the base!

We manufacture from the base!

Each product in our offer has been designed and thought out by our specialists. The selection of components, raw materials and fabrics are hours of tests and trials. Countless meetings and coffees consumed gives the opportunity to present a diverse and varied offer. All this to meet expectations and comfort for customers of ESTETIV products.

We take care of every detail!

We take care of every detail!

Each of the five production stages is under our supervision. Carpentry, fabric cutting, sewing covers as well as upholstery must be carried out in accordance with the principles of "quality first". Before the furniture is sent to the packaging department, it is meticulously checked and any dirt arising in the production process is removed. Quality is our priority.

Only verified suppliers!

Only verified suppliers!

A good product cannot be made without high-quality raw materials, components and accessories necessary to make lounge furniture. We create our furniture starting from wood processing, which comes from a legal source and must meet a number of guidelines imposed by our company regarding quality, humidity and class. Good quality fabric complements the design and durability of the furniture.

We care about customers!

We care about customers!

We regularly check opinions on our sofas and corners. Numerous surveys and queries directed to users mean that we receive feedback whether our idea for lounge furniture has a reasonable basis. Satisfied customers are a reward for us and for our hard work.

About the brand

Get to know our priorities

Our brand is a combination of passion and ambition. We create our products with attention to every, even the smallest detail.

We manufacture furniture from the base, carefully selecting components and suppliers.

Each stage of production, from sawn timber to finished products, undergoes a series of inspections to maintain a high standard.

The number of our customers is constantly growing, which makes us extremely happy and drives us to continue working at a high level.

In our offer you will find modern corners, functional sofas, stylish seating sets, as well as additional furniture such as armchairs and poufs.

Taking care of a comprehensive service to our customers, we also offer upholstered furniture care products as well as blankets and bedspreads.

Our offer is available at selected premium furniture showrooms across Europe. We work only with the best!

We guarantee high quality! Upholstered furniture from ESTETIV is the best choice!


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